Thank you, Magruder Families for already making our chocolate bar fundraiser a success.
If you need more chocolate or have any questions, please call Rachael Sampson at (252) 339-5249 and we can arrange a time to meet.
** Money is due by June 1** 

If possible, we would appreciate larger bills and/or checks when you return your money. It makes counting large sums and depositing funds much less complicated. However, if you cannot reduce the coins and ones, we will still take it. :-) 

We are also accepting cash donations at this time. Any amount is appreciated but your child can still earn the prizes.

  • $30 donation earns your child prize 1
  • $60 donation earns your child prizes 1 and 2
  • $120 donation earns your child prizes 1, 2 and the limo/lunch ride ($150 for families to get the limo/lunch)